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March 13, 2013

On the Wings of a Prayer- Poem from a Birthmom

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Dear Abby: You recently printed a letter from “Marylou in Houston” about the pain of placing a child for adoption. When I went through this experience, I wrote a poem. You have my permission to print it if you think it will help others to understand the roller-coaster emotions a birth mother goes through making this decision.

Dear Lisa: I certainly do think it will help. Abby


I set you free on the wings of a prayer
To fly through life in His tender care,

You’re free from the nest and the ties that are bound
Free from the pressures I carry around.

If I kept you I’d only be cutting your wings,
Not offering the chance a true family brings.

The decision I’ve made has my heart torn in two,
But I know what I’m doing is the best thing for you.

The sky is so vast, the mountains so high
Take wing and remember: I love you.


–LISA BOTE-PHILLIPS, a birth mother


March 27, 2011


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My dear, Sweet Gift from God,

Mommy & Daddy are working hard to get everything done so that we can be together.  We’ve been having lots of meetings with our social worker, Miss Karen.  Mommy & Daddy had to go to the police station, to make sure we hadn’t done anything bad (of course we hadn’t!).  Soon we’ll both go to the doctor to make sure we’re healthy enough to keep up with you!

We’ve also started to try to get some “bring you home” money!  Last week Mommy & Mimi made lots of cookies, and our friends Bonnie & Amy took some to sell for us.  Other people at church bought some, and some people even gave some extra money for you.  That made Mommy cry happy tears.  So many people are wanting to help you, Little One!  (I’ll put their names in your baby book, but they might not like it on here!)  Uncle Ben sold so many cookies that I have to make him some more this week!

Yesterday, Daddy & I did some shopping for you.  We bought some more stuff for your room, and a few things for after you first come home.  It was fun looking at things, but a little hard since we don’t know if you’re a boy or girl yet!  We did get you some pretty cool toys, though, and lots of books to read to you.  (Mommy & Daddy love books, and we can’t wait to share some of our favorites with you!)

You are so special to us already.  You’re in our hearts, but we can’t wait until you’re in our arms! 

Much, much love, Mommy

December 17, 2010


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Dear, Sweet Child of Mine,

I had a startling, wonderful thought this morning: you may have already been born!  I have prayed for a child for many years, but today I prayed for you.  I prayed that God would watch over you, and protect your body & soul.  I prayed that the people in your life will be kind to you, until you join our family.  I prayed most of all that God would give you a heart that yearns for Him always.

We told your cousin, Jerrel, about you today.  (He’s been praying for you for quite a while now.)  He was so excited; he can’t wait to meet you!  He even came up with a name for you: William Andrew Walker.  I told him that would be a pretty funny name if you’re a girl!

I don’t know what you look like, or even where you live.  I only know that God has put you in my heart, long before you were even born.  Your Uncle Ben & Aunt Beth saw someone of another race yesterday, and said “That’s how Holly’s child will be: mannerly, educated, & polite.”  With God’s help, I intend to do my best for you!

You are so special, so wanted, so loved.  You are worth the wait, Dear One, although it has seemed like a very long time.  There are so many people ready to love you.  I pray that God will watch over you in a special way until you are safe with us.

Much love, Mommy

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