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August 30, 2012

Walking Toward a Miracle…Finalization

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It was 71 days between when we got Nathan and when we legally became his parents.  During that time we were considered his guardians; something like foster parents, but with more flexibility.  We were required to ask permission when taking him out-of-state, and to inform our social worker of any significant medical decisions.  His name had not been legally changed, but he was referred to as: “the child known as Nathan Wayne.”  All that aside, he was our son long before a judge signed a paper!

July 20th we had an appointment with Judge Primeaux at 9:15am.  We got up around five, put Nathan in the car in his jammies, and headed back to Mississippi.  We were both sick with nerves, and arrived at the courthouse without the extra time we would have liked.  I quickly put my bewildered boy in a clean diaper & cute outfit (while parked across the street from the courthouse), styled his hair, and headed to meet the judge.  Our lawyer whipped into a parking spot and finished dressing as well, pulling on a coat and tie.  Our social worker joined us, and we all went in together. 

We had to ask to bring our camera, and have our belongings searched by security.  (To his credit, the young officer didn’t empty my carefully packed diaper bag; then we really would have been late!)  We went upstairs, and our attorney consulted with the judge.  Then we waited…

Twenty minutes of sitting in the courtroom, making small talk, waiting for 9:15 to come and go.  Finally, Judge Primeaux called us into his chambers.  We vowed to be truthful, and sat down across from the judge.  Our lawyer asked us a list of questions for the judge’s benefit.  The judge confirmed that we knew that adoption was forever.  (I had to smile.  Oh, yes, forever!  We know!  He’s really ours!)  We promised to take care of Nathan for the rest of our lives…and that was that.

A few photos with the judge, handshakes and hugs for our attorney and social worker, and we were done.  It went by unbelievably fast.  Such a huge weight lifted!  The anxiety gone.  He’s ours.  Really, finally, ours.  Thank you, God!


August 28, 2012

Songs for the Journey- Mine to Love

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