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November 3, 2012

Amanda on God’s Dream

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God has transformed our lives, destroyed any hopes we had for the American dream, and given us a new worldview and dream with Him at the center of it all!  ~Amanda


December 31, 2011

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“Joy is always a function of gratitude — and gratitude is always a function of perspective. If we are going to change our lives, what we’re going to have to change is the way we see.” ~Ann Voskamp

December 28, 2011

My Dead Hope

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This blog got me thinking about my dead hope (bio kids), and how God has used it to shape me into the person I am becoming.

December 15, 2011

What Stays the Same

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Going through infertility and adoption has brought a lot of ups and downs.

“Maybe we’re pregnant!  Oh, we’re not pregnant.”

“Ooooh, we’re being shown!  We weren’t chosen.”

And just this week: “She’s decided to parent.”

So much change and uncertainty.  So much that we don’t understand.  So much that we don’t know.  What?  When?  How?

When we found out that we were being shown to this particular birthmother, we were optimistic.  The situation seemed to be falling into place, and we were hopeful.  I’ve been checking out baby clothes, running through scenarios in my mind:  “We could tell the grandparents this way…  How am I going to juggle my work schedule?  I’ll shop for clothes here…”  Those are put on hold, again.

Last week, Daniel & I talked about what stays the same.  We talked about what we have, and cannot lose.  Christmas.  Jesus.  Salvation.  Heaven.  No one can change that!  God loves me, Jesus died for me, and the Holy Spirit comforts me.  Whether we ever become parents or not.

The idea of a baby for Christmas was exciting and wonderful.  I have an ornament that says “Proud New Parents.”  I’ll leave it in its wrapping for at least another year…and that’s okay.  I still have my God to believe in, my husband to hold onto, my wonderful family and friends to celebrate with, and countless other blessings.  Rejoicing through tears…

For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given:

and the government shall be upon his shoulder:

and his name shall be called

Wonderful, Counseller,

The mighty God,

The everlasting Father,

The Prince of Peace. 

Isaiah 9:6

November 24, 2011


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I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about thankfulness.  Not just thankfulness for the material.  “Thank you for food, and trees, and my car…”  Not just thankfulness for people: “And my husband, and my parents…”  Not just for spiritual things:  “And salvation, and heaven…”  I’m thankful for all of those things, very, very much!  Please don’t misunderstand me.  But I’ve been writing my way to 1,000 Gifts, and it’s been taking me to new levels of awareness and thankfulness.  There is so much to be thankful for!  And so much I didn’t or still don’t notice…but I’m learning a new way to live, to be.  Grateful. 

Today I’m in the mid-600’s.  I wouldn’t want to share my entire list with you.  Some of it intensely personal.  Some of it is silly.  But all of it is changing me.  Shifting my perspective.  I’ve started to see God’s hand in unexpected places.  I’ve started looking for the good in negative situations.  And I’ve started seeing beyond what’s directly in front of me.  (Key word: “started”; so much more growth still to do!)

I try not to write the exact same thing more than once, but chocolate may have been in there a few times- just sayin’!  I do occasionally read through some of my list so far.  It shows an interesting chronicle of my life.  Seasons of thankfulness for snow, then green sprouts, then sunshine, then fall leaves…  Seasons of thankfulness for hope, then God’s help in disappointment.  Want a peek?

#2 The safe arrival of Madelyn Rose!

#6 Ideas, inspirations, and jumbled thoughts

#9 Bible study with good friends

#13 A new pastor and wife!

#26 Fun, pretty shoes

#30 A full moon rising

#37 The healing that comes with forgiveness

#40 Sundays

#48 You knowing what’s best for me, even when I don’t understand

#54 The hope that God may sing through my emptiness

#57 God holding onto me when I can’t hold onto Him

#66 Bro. Bragg’s generosity

#81 A husband who can fix our cars

#94 Seasons

#104 Clean, folded laundry

#115 Hot apple cider

#131 Heaven holds no sadness or pain (Rev. 21:4)

#141 Joy in sorrow

#147 Friends who share my burdens

#150 Christmas lights

#163 Snow!

#172 Precious children: Dailey, Jerrel, Patrick & Madelyn Rose

#188 A prompt response from Lifeline

#197 Friends who pray for me

#201 Spring flowers

#231 Forward progress on the adoption

#237 Sweet nephew cuddles

#254 Trust in God and growing faith

#274 Knowing that He knows

#286 Candles, glowsticks and hotdogs

#289 My small group

#298 Hope

#306 Peace that God will handle things

#309 Being “the best back tickler in the world”!

#310 Hint of fall in the air

#312 The faithful wounds of a friend

#323 Profile being shown

#338 “I’m too tired-I’d better go home with you!”  Melt!

#340 Waiting, knowing God knows the outcome

#348 Endless gifts from Your Word

#355 More than I need

#365 Certainty in God

#368 Hymns that still speak

#372 Peace in the middle of uncertainty

#382 Encouraging comments on blog posts (I had to include this one!  😉

#388 Hope for a baby

#394 God’s healing touch on my heart

#406 Job interview

#414 Progress on grants

#427 Friends helping raise $ for adoption

#447 Truth when I don’t feel it

#454 Another new job!

#467 Safe travels

#477 A new niece or nephew

#481 Surrender…again

#506 New level of peace about the adoption

#507 Gift of waiting

#523 God showing me where I need to change

#530 Knowing God holds my baby, wherever he/she is

#539 A Father who heals the broken pieces

#546 Coffee

#553 All things possible with You

#568 Knowing beyond feelings

#577 The awakening that comes with anguish

#584 Daniel off work

#590 Encouraging testimonies

#622 Supper at Michelle’s

#636 Pies & cakes baked & loaded (32!)

#637 Thanksgiving celebrations

What can I say to encourage you to start your own list?  Grab a notebook, set up a file on your computer, download the app, set up a chalkboard- something!  I’m so behind on my thanks, I’ll never catch up…but I intend to have fun trying! 

October 21, 2011


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Please take a moment and read what Emily says about why it can be a good thing to Suffer.

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