My Journey to Joy

November 1, 2012


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First, watch this awesome video!

So, what is ONE thing you can do?  So glad you asked!  😉


Talk about orphan care and adoption!  Many people are so unfamiliar with how adoption has changed over the years.  (A family member asked if we were going to an orphanage to pick a baby.)  Worse, many people have only heard sensationalized horror stories, and been left with an unbalanced perspective.  (Statistically, most adopted children do as well or better in most areas when compared to their contemporaries.)  


I was blessed with a family who prayed for me.  Orphans don’t have that privilege.  Who will stand in the gap for them?  Who will lift up adoptive families facing uncommon challenges?  Who will pray for hearts and homes to be opened to the children who need them?  Will you?


Go to  Ask God if He wants you to share His love with these children who have known so much hurt.  Talk to families involved in foster care.  Pray that God will reveal His hope and plan for these precious kids through His people.


We could never have brought our precious boy home on our own.  God worked through His people to make our adoption possible.  Friends and family gave so much.  Perfect strangers gave when they heard our story.  People we’ll never meet gave through organizations like and  I can never express my gratitude…


Adoption can be long and hard.  Stick close to those in the process, and let them know that you support them.  Help with fundraising, write cards, tell them you’re praying, give hugs, call to listen… 


Support a child through  Do your Christmas shopping at!  Stuff a shoe box with goodies for Samaritan’s Purse.


Read articles  Ask questions.  Buy a copy of or borrow mine!  🙂


Adoption is such an amazing picture of how God works His plan for redemption!  Think about it, pray about it, imagine your family in a different way.  Ask God what His picture of your family looks like!


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