My Journey to Joy

August 29, 2012

Sheila on Choosing to Walk toward Joy

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…Perhaps one of the reasons that so many of us feel perennially dissatisfied and out of sorts is that we have failed to learn the lesson that this woman embraced: we need to make choices to fill our lives with good things, rather than bad things. And why don’t we do that? Because we’re essentially lazy. I feel so much better when I cook a good meal than when we order take out. We eat better. We sit around the table. And I get to cook—which I actually enjoy doing. But when I’m busy, and I don’t have time to grocery shop, I take the lazy way out. And I never feel good about it.

When I knit everyday for at least half an hour, and have a creative outlet, I feel better. When I veg in front of movies because I’m tired and don’t have time to hunt around for needles, I don’t.

The things that bring us a sense of accomplishment, purpose and joy tend not the easy things in life. They’re not the flashy things, or the trendy things, or the default things. They’re things that require effort and planning. And that’s why we often avoid them.

Everyday we make little choices of what we will do and how we will spend our time. Those choices define who we are and what our priorities are. That once spurned woman chose joy, and it changed her perspective on everything. I wonder if we, as a culture, will ever turn our backs on the things that rob us of purpose and even humanity, and again choose the things that feed our souls. Perhaps then we’d stop feeling so melancholy, and start feeling alive again.


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