My Journey to Joy

May 23, 2012

Real Trust is not, “I trust you as long as I am in control.”

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Real trust is not, “I trust you as long as I am in control.” Real trust is, “I trust you even as I give you the freedom to hurt me. I trust you even when we disagree. I will show trust by honoring your thoughts.” I say it again. We can only trust people after we have learned how God trusts us. How can we learn? By confessing and admitting our need, (“Lord, I don’t trust John” which came from my past broken trust in men!), asking for God’s help, then accepting the circumstances He places us in and striving to accept His teaching and learning the lessons He has set for us. Some of us take a long time, because we can only handle a small lesson at a time. God will be faithful to us, though, if we sincerely make knowing Him and His ways a priority. End quote. I’m coming back to “thoughts on trust”. My journaling reflects the tough thinking, the figuring out, all of it coming out of the valley of pain! I can’t describe the process… maybe just repeat Stormie Omartian’s words…God gives just enough light for the next step. I wasn’t even seeing a peek of emotional light in the tunnel…but God was walking me through one day at a time. Obedience to God beyond emotion is what changed your life! If you’re hurting, don’t let Satan rob you of the blessing of the valleys. There is something in the valley to learn that is TRUE!. Don’t waste your sorrows!  ~Cathy


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