My Journey to Joy

April 19, 2012


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Once upon a time, there was a girl who loved cheesecake.  She spent lots of time admiring other people’s cheesecake.  She even got jobs helping with cheesecake.  The girl dreamed of someday having her own delicious slice.

The girl got married.  Her husband wasn’t as into cheesecake as she was.  They both had other yummy things to eat, and years went by.  One day the husband decided he’d like some cheesecake too, so they went to a wonderful restaurant. 

The couple was good friends with the owner/chef, and knew that he had a kitchen full of fabulous cheesecake.  They sat down happily, and gave their order.  And they waited.  And they waited.

After a while, they decided they’d better check on their order, and make sure it got to the kitchen.  It had, but still no cheesecake.  The couple was confused.  At the table to their left, a young girl got some cheesecake, but didn’t know what to do with it.  A couple near the back argued about their cheesecake, then threw it away.  A couple by the door ignored their cheesecake, as if it wasn’t on the table.  A woman nearby complained loudly about her cheesecake’s imperfections, and how it wasn’t what she’d ordered.

The couple spoke to the chef often.  He sent out various dishes for them, but never cheesecake.  One dish was a soup.  It was so hot and bitter, it brought tears to their eyes.  At first the couple tried to hide their reactions, but it was obvious to any observer.

Some diners offered advice on the best way to order cheesecake.  Some assumed the couple didn’t deserve cheesecake.  Others listened to their story, then spoke to the chef on their behalf.

After a long conversation with the chef, the couple decided that a different cheesecake would be wonderful.  Finally, a chance for dessert!  They smoothed out their napkins, lined up their utensils, smiled at each other nervously…and waited.  And waited.  And waited.

The waiting was hard.  Sometimes a waiter would seem to be heading right for their table, only to turn at the last minute and give the cheesecake to someone else.

They watched in disbelief as friends (who had been waiting even longer than they) were given cheesecakes, only to have them smashed and whisked away back to the kitchen.  They became angry with the chef, until they remembered that He knew exactly what would suit each customer. 

At times their hunger would diminish, only to come roaring back.  Several of their close friends got fresh slices of cheesecake, and they were happy for them, but sad as well.  People sometimes ask them why they don’t just give up on the cheesecake, and have something else?  Friends have been amazed at what they are willing to pay for their cheesecake.

They’re still waiting.  Still hungry.  Still trusting that the chef has the perfect recipe.  But, oh, so desperately craving that cheesecake…

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  1. Great analogy.

    Comment by krista — April 19, 2012 @ 8:56 AM | Reply

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