My Journey to Joy

April 18, 2012

Crisis Point Decisions

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To me there is a great similarity between physical growth and spiritual growth. At least there has been in my case. Physically we arrive as little babies and have to be nurtured and taught, but then comes adolescence where we can accept and trust what we’ve been taught, test it out and see if it’s true, accept it into our heart and live by it; or we can reject advice and the way of truth and go our own way, do our own thing. If we choose the path of trust during adolescence and correct and change any faulty behavior and thinking that we may have had, then comes developing maturity where we build on our choices and upon what we’ve learned.

Spiritual maturity seems a lot the same. After conversion, we are babes in Christ and have to be taught. At some point though, we go through adolescence–some sort of crisis where we can choose God’s way or we choose to trust and follow our own emotions and feelings! During that time, if we choose God’s ways, we realize that He IS trustworthy. He does always speak truth!! After that crisis, we turn the corner toward being a genuine mature trusting Christian.

Are we satisfied being a superficial Christian or do we really want to know God–beyond our feelings!!  ~Cathy Parker

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