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June 30, 2011

Too Much

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I have a choleric temperament.  Part of what that means is that I like to be in charge, in control, leading (read: bossy).  I’m happy to do things for others, on my terms.  I can be gracious, even generous…when I feel like it.

That’s not what God has called me to do.  He wants me to live out my life on His terms.  And they are more gracious and generous than I could ever imagine- both in His actions towards me, and how He expects me to interact with others.

When our social worker started talking to us about ministering to birth mothers, I thought: “You have got to be kidding me!  We’re being victimized here!  We’re going through all of this junk.  We’re so vulnerable, so hurt, and you want us to minister?!  Isn’t that a conflict of interests, or something?”  (Some of you wisely listened to me rant along these lines without trying to straighten me out.  Thanks.)

I could have argued my case pretty well, except for one thing: God doesn’t play by my rules.  He doesn’t always stick with “fair” and expected…in fact, that seems pretty rare!

He asks a lot…then gives the grace so I can obey.

Scary stuff for a control freak.  What if she…  What if we…  How can I…

“Make praise your first response to fearful situations in your life.”

Stormy OMartian

Wow, um, that’s really not my gut reaction, in case you were wondering.  Fretting?  Sure.  Anger?  Sometimes.  Trying to “fix it”?  Yes.


“My God is enough.  He’s proved it o’er and o’er.  He’s never known to fail; His power still prevails.  Down through the test of time, God’s people always find- whatever life may bring, God is enough

Is what I am being asked to do too much for me?  Absolutely.  Can I do it?  With God’s help, yes I can.

Maybe too much is just what I needed.


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