My Journey to Joy

March 27, 2011


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My dear, Sweet Gift from God,

Mommy & Daddy are working hard to get everything done so that we can be together.  We’ve been having lots of meetings with our social worker, Miss Karen.  Mommy & Daddy had to go to the police station, to make sure we hadn’t done anything bad (of course we hadn’t!).  Soon we’ll both go to the doctor to make sure we’re healthy enough to keep up with you!

We’ve also started to try to get some “bring you home” money!  Last week Mommy & Mimi made lots of cookies, and our friends Bonnie & Amy took some to sell for us.  Other people at church bought some, and some people even gave some extra money for you.  That made Mommy cry happy tears.  So many people are wanting to help you, Little One!  (I’ll put their names in your baby book, but they might not like it on here!)  Uncle Ben sold so many cookies that I have to make him some more this week!

Yesterday, Daddy & I did some shopping for you.  We bought some more stuff for your room, and a few things for after you first come home.  It was fun looking at things, but a little hard since we don’t know if you’re a boy or girl yet!  We did get you some pretty cool toys, though, and lots of books to read to you.  (Mommy & Daddy love books, and we can’t wait to share some of our favorites with you!)

You are so special to us already.  You’re in our hearts, but we can’t wait until you’re in our arms! 

Much, much love, Mommy


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