My Journey to Joy

January 14, 2011


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I am typicallly a fairly confident, somewhat impulsive person.  I generally know what I want, and I set up a plan to achieve that goal.

That doesn’t work so well with life-changing decisions that involve God & my spouse.

Those two have had me waiting for several years now.  It’s hard.  I’m so tired of waiting.  I’m so ready to move ahead, pursue, make something happen.

But the stakes are too high.

My faith, my marriage- these are worth waiting.  Honoring God and my husband are not optional.  Or easy.

Daniel & I both feel that God has led us to adopt.  Now the decisions really start!  Most fertile couples decide two things: 1- Let’s have a baby!  2- How about now?!  The choices associated with adoption are almost endless:

Domestic or International?

Boy or Girl?

Special needs?  How much?  Which ones?

How many?  One child, two?  Sibling group?

What age?

Open?  Closed?  Semi-open?

What agency?

Which country?  What race?

How will we pay for it?

At this point, I’m torn between signing up for international adoption (generally a more sure thing) or hoping that someone finds out about us and “gives” us their baby.  But what if I’m waiting for that, when I should be pursuing international adoption?  Or what if I start an international adoption, and…  You see how it goes.

Most couples who set out to adopt do end up adopting.  However, many change agencies, countries & et cetera during the process.  This costs time and money.  I really don’t want to do that.  So I want to be sure.

Right baby/child, right place, right time.

I know without a doubt that God can make this happen.  We are the uncertain variable in this equation.

And we so desperately want to do the right thing.

So, here’s where we are right now.  This is totally subject to change!

Leaning toward international

Thinking seriously about Bethany Christian Services as an agency

Open to any race, but concerned about our location and the impact on our future children

Age- Infant to two years

Minor special needs (ie- cleft palate, things correctable by simple surgery…)

Would love two children, boy and girl, possibly sibling group

We have “gone public” with our decision to adopt.  If God would use that as an avenue, we’d be very pleased.  If you know of a friend of a friend with a child they are unable to parent, please do let us know!


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